2 tools to make your life and business more successful

In your life, and business, how often do you spend time planning and developing yourself?

Do you review achievement and improvements on what is needed to grow more effectively now, tomorrow and into the next month?

If you do,  then you know how to value yourself, your business and your team.

This is the most important subject that I am bringing to your attention!!

For most of us, we keep doing the same actions over and over again, and in the end, we get the same results.

To elevate, and ask questions, is one of the intelligent skills we can offer our selves.

So how do we do this in a more effective and measurable way?


  1. Planning your time – give yourself, your business and your team time to come together and talk about all the tasks you have done, you need to do and how you can make improvements all round.

Allowing time for this is the only way to get successful results. You need new information to apply new ways of completing your tasks.

Spending more time planning, researching competitors and successful companies, who have achieved what it is you wish to achieve.

You need good project management skills, but mostly a good manager who can lead the team and get the job done.

  1. improveMonitoring your tasks and changes – allowing for changes to happen requires observation and managing.

When we make improvements, there are always unforeseen situations that you just cannot plan for. This is part of your plan and management. Include time for tasks which do not go according to plan (usually around 20/30% of the total time needed to complete each task).

On a daily basis.  monitor yourself, your team and the tasks. Always ask the question : how do we improve? What is the root cause of this issue? How do we apply the solution to fix it?

Lee Kavanagh


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10 Things Business Owners Should Consider Not Doing

We have so many thing to consider in our day to day running’s of our business. Our daily management, marketing, sales, customer service, accounts etc. .. List goes on.

It is vital as a business owner we plan and strategizes correctly and if you don’t you need to start now

(Read our blog about planning)

The most important part of you running your business is your daily rituals and how you approach and conduct your day.

Although it’s important to list the things you should do what is most important too is the things you should not be doing not only daily but at all.

To unlearn bad habits is key and I have compiled 10 things you should not do in your running your business.

10 things you should not do in your business.

  1. Blame others – always take responsibility and never blame others you are only giving your power away. Instead focus on the solution this will help bring about the change you need.
  2. Take on too much – when you do this you will always feel overwhelmed and in most cases never finish what you have started leading you to be demotivated. Instead make smaller realistic lists ones you know you can complete in your day.
  3. Rush – to much rushing causes stress and you will miss many great ideas or solutions to combat the day. You will also not be able to listen … and listening is the key tool to success. Slow things down and take you time this will help you be more productive.
  4. Spend before you earn – if you are spending over budget this will always lead to trouble, not enough cash flow and also this is lack of responsibility. Get a good accounting system or source someone who can help you keep control of your accounts. This includes your sales too.
  5. Guessing – I have see so many people running their business by guess work without correct information or not knowing their customers correctly
  6. Do it all by yourself – as business owners we can get lost in this doing it all by yourself. This never has a good outcome and is never productive. This is to distribute your tasks to your staff or outsources the things you are not good at.
  7. Waste time with the wrong people – it is vital you do not waste your energy or time so working with the right people is crucial. You have to figure out early if the person is a right fit and the best way to do that is to develop a fact find ( Marek put a link to a blog which contains more about fact finds)
  8. Work 7 days – if you work 7 days a week you are always going to be tired, less productive. If you allow some time off for yourself then this process will not only give you a different prospective to you but also the people around you. I guarantee you will make better decisions.
  9. Keep doing the same process when it does not work – so many of us keep doping th same process and getting the same results, blaming others for things not working out as planned. The key is to use the stop freeze and start process. This will allow new information to come forward and helps put you into a relax state. Being in relaxed state is the key to any success how else would you have success by being stressed? Yes relaxed think about it …
  10. Skipping review of accounts and costings – if you do this you will always run into problems constantly. In some cases the business will fail or go bust. Or it could be your not hitting your business target. All of these relate to your management and if you really want to make your business a   success then you need to change you daily management/ rituals in running your business.

Important note for you , all situations you have today as a result in not doing small actions day by day built over a period of time. The situation does not happen overnight it is your daily approach/rituals which has led to this situation. So if you think about it , it is only your mind frame which needs to change. Taking responsibility and applying a new daily ritual approach

Teamwork: the right team is key to build a successful business.

goodbye_team7:00 am: Started prep and plan for the day and week ahead.

It has taken us quite some time to find the right people. We have had many setbacks, but the skill is not to let it affect the business and keep moving forward.

To find the right balance between getting the job done and your approach to what you do is crucial.

How do you do this ? Being relaxed, planning and having good information for your next move is the way.

No matter what you are doing, if you want to improve your career and get a higher salary.

Or improve your business turnover.

Then you have to do something different. Stop what you are doing and plan!! Get the information needed to help you reach the next stage in your growth. The key to the growth is measured step by step, small steps to just enough to allow you to grow to the next stage.

The key is valuing. Most people don’t value information, and information is the most important part.

New information is fearful and can threaten your current state, but if you allow your view point to change, you allow new information.

Take your time to write down what it is you want to achieve.

How you would like to get to your goal and by when ?

Research how other people are doing it and have done it

Map out each task you think is needed in order to reach your goal

Now you have a plan

If you want something, or something to happen, then make your plan. Nothing just happens for you until you change your approach.



Lee Kavanagh